Note-A-Bells, the hand bell choir at ALC, adds a resounding notes of praise and celebration when they ring.
The ‘Bells rehearse at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday in the ALC Sanctuary.
Ringers learn various techniques for ringing the bells.
The Note-A-Bell ringers always enjoy the fun and fellowship of gathering together.
Playing bells, especially the big ones, also increases your muscle tone.
For more information, please contact Mary Bjordahl.

ALC Manna Band

“Manna desires to weave a tapestry of old and new music together in worship”
Rehearsal practices are held each Wednesday evening at 6:00pm.  
We are looking for more interested individuals to lend talents in vocals, bass, guitar, drums, and piano.
For more information, please contact Scott Torness or Brenda Maass.